Our path to success

To be successful you must first define success. To us, we believe that success is defined by both results and through developing a clear identity for yourself as a couple and individual dancers. The best dancers we have seen perform have a unique character about them whether it is nonchalant or incredibly cheeky, they know who they are and are not apologetic. 

With the guidance of Paul Green, who is a previous World Champion himself, and selected top coaches, we want to develop technically, artistically and most of all develop an identify for ourselves. 

An important part of dancing is aesthetic beauty and how a couple presents themselves. We seek to align ourselves to the best so must always look immaculate. We believe that Michèle Keffen Dancewear has the style, attitude and professionalism that we are striving to become. 

Within Australia and New Zealand we are already considered one of the top couples. We are 'big fish' in a relatively small pond. Our focus is clearly set on the international scene with aspirations to become a force to be reckoned with at Blackpool Dance Festival, Internationals, WDC-AL Worlds, UK Championships, Asian and American competitions alike. 

Why you should consider sponsoring Mathew and Wendy?

It is clear to us the benefits of aligning ourselves to a high quality brand such as Michèle Keffen Dancewear but what could you expect back from such a partnership? 

  • Awareness - We are an international couple and we do travel to major international competitions. Not only would you get presence at the international majors but by having an established Australian based couple you can get all year round access to Asia pacific couples.
  • Brand Perception - As mentioned we are continually developing who we are as dancers, however, we are already perceived as hard working, talented competitors. We have something 'special' and feel that is exactly what you are looking for. Think of sponsoring us as an investment into a couple who is willing to go all the way and will stand out amongst the crowd. By aligning to us the Michèle Keffen Dancewear brand will have immediate traction in Asia-Pacific.